A Warm Welcome to Our Ranching Family Home


Experience the cowboy way of life under the endless sky of the Canadian Prairies. Ride where the Blackfoot and Crow once camped as they hunted Bison across the vast plains.

Help our friendly crew look after our herd of two to two hundred fifty cows and new born calves. Work together with your horse, and come to trust him like a real cowboy. Make new friends and memories that will last a lifetime. La Reata is a working cattle-guest ranch owned and operated by George Gaber. Located on Lake Diefenbake​r in Southwest Saskatchewan, La Reata has nine miles of water frontag​e and more than 5,000 acres of rolling pasture. The views of the rolling hills, the sunshine sparkling on the lake, the golden prairie grass swaying in the wind, a mama cow caring for her calf, will refresh your soul and make you feel alive. This ain't no pony ride (nose to tail) in the park, La Reata is a Canadian Cowboy Experience that you will cherish forever.